Sunday's Sermon

Due to some members not being able to attend worship, videos of Pastor's sermons have been prepared.  To watch, click on the links below.

Jan 16th:
"We Must Obey God Rather Than Man"

Jan 9th:
"Paying a Cancelled Bill"

我 們 重 開 了 !

從7月11日開始, 實體崇拜將在週日上午 9:30 (中文), 11:00 (英文) 舉行.

欲了解更多詳情, 請點擊這裏

直接參加中文網上崇拜 (早上 9:30) 請點擊這裏   http://TLC.BC3.CA


Trinity's vision is to "know Christ and make Him known".  There are many opportunities to "know Christ" through Worship, Bible Classes and Sunday School.  There are also many opportunities to help "make Him known" through Fellowship Events, Community Events, Christian Hospitality, and as "Conversation Partners" in ESL Bible Classes. All are welcome to join in all activities and take part in Trinity's vision.

We have an awesome God who loves us unconditionally. What better way to honour Him then to worship Him, learn more about His love, give thanks for the gift of His precious Son who gave His life so we could inherit eternal life, and help others learn more about Him.

May God bless you today, and every day!

What We Believe

For a quick summary of our beliefs, check out 15 Key Elements of our Christian Faith found on "Our Beliefs" web page.

New Bible Classes

September 2021 – Pastor Harold will teach three new Bible classes: two of them In-Person and one Online.
Please let him know which class(es) you will take so he can prepare copies of the class lessons and get them to you.

You may contact Pastor Harold in person or email.


Trinity Welcomes New Youth Director

Samantha-Neeb-(web-res)-IMG_1094On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, congregational leaders from Trinity and Killarney Lutheran Churches welcomed Samantha Neeb, our new Youth Director. She will work with our young people from preschoolers through young adults, with a focus on teens. 

On Sunday, September 13, Samantha was officially commissioned at Trinity's 11:00am service.  Samantha comes to us from Ontario.  

Welcome, Samantha!

Worship at Home - Online!

(UPDATE: In Summer 2021, health officials lifted restrictions on attendance at worship services.  Since most people who plan to be vaccinated will be fully vaccinated by the end of August, the English-language online services will end at the end of August 2021. English In-Person Worship Services take place at 11am on Sundays.  Audios of English-language sermons will resume online in September.   Mandarin Language Worship services will continue both in-person at 9:30am on Sundays and online.)

May 2020 – Because of "sheltering in place" and the requirement not to gather in groups of more than 50 people, our worship services are online.   Elements of the service are from recordings in past years but each sermon message is new.  The intent of the online worship services is to help you worship at home.  

Each service, along with a PDF file of the "printed" worship folder,
can be viewed by clicking on the online worship services button
on the left side of this page.

A version perfect for viewing on phones, tablets and computer monitors is also available.

Previous online worship services may be viewed by clicking on
the "Past Services" link on the Online Worship Services webpage.


Message from Trinity's President

March 25, 2020

Dear Members of Trinity,

Throughout the history of our congregation, I can only recall a few
times when Sunday services were cancelled for a single Sunday due
to heavy snowfall. Last week, in response to the COVID-19 virus and
the warnings of our health professionals, Trinity cancelled all
public gatherings including our worship services
for the
foreseeable future. However, the church is where I go to be at peace,
uplifted by hearing God’s Word, to praise Him, and to be with my
brothers and sisters in Christ. Not surprisingly, this leaves me feeling
slightly off-center.

COVID-19 News

March 2020

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Trinity Lutheran Church is suspending public worship, Bible classes, and other church gatherings.  As soon as we are given permission, we will resume all such activities.

Three of the 10 Commandments are a helpful guide to our decision:

  • The 4th commandment speaks of honouring our parents and
    others in authority over us. As good citizens we strive to obey our government in all things that do not conflict with the truth of God’s Word.
  • The 5th commandment tells us not to harm our neighbour in any way but to support him in any need.
  • The 3rd commandment tells us to not despise the preaching & hearing of God’s Word.

In view of these commandments, for the time being, we will provide for you alternate ways to hear the proclamation of God’s Word
outside of a public gathering. How so?

  1. Listen to sermons at this website. There are hundreds of sermons from the past 13 years. You can listen to the messages and even use the outline as you so desire.
  2. Go to lutheranchurch.ca for worship and devotional resources (Lutheran Church – Canada)
  3. Go to lutheranhour.org for sermons & devotionals  (The Lutheran Hour radio ministry)

We encourage individuals and families to take time and worship at home, gather around and hear God’s Word and to pray for our congregation and the world around us.

This is a challenging time.  But we worship a God who specializes in bringing good out of evil.  Take time now to read Romans 8:37-39.  This is God’s promise for you.  You are loved.

New Sunday Schedule

Beginning February 2, 2020, the Sunday Schedule will change
slightly at Trinity.  Both the AM and PM Sunday Schools will be combined into a single program that begins at 9:30am.  Worship in Mandarin will move from afternoon to 9:30am.  Bible Classes (including ESL Bible Class) will continue at 9:30am.  Worship in English will remain at 11:00am.

Celebrating 40 years


At the 11am Worship Service on Sunday, August 11, 2019, Trinity members celebrated with Pastor Harold and Beverly Harold in recognition of Pastor Harold's 40th anniversary since he became a pastor.  Congratulations, Pastor Harold!

Moms and Tots Drop-In (Ages 2 to 5)

On Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:00am all toddlers are welcome to drop-in for play time and to hear a story from the Bible. After a summer break, we are starting again on September 19th. This a great time for all 2 to 5 year olds to have fun and for moms and caregivers to meet each other while the kids play, do crafts, sing, have a snack and listen to a Bible Story. All welcome! See you each Thursday!

Read and Listen to Bible

During ESL classes we read passages from the Bible.  ESL Students have asked for the ability to read and listen at home during the week to help improve their English and learn more about Jesus and God's Plan for us.  There are some excellent tools online to read and listen to the Bible on your computer or mobile device (eg: smartphone, iPad...).  Click here for more info.

Trinity's Little Children Centre

Trinity’s Little Children Centre is a ministry of our church. Our Centre is a licensed child care program for children 3 to 5 years of age. It offers full day child care with a preschool curriculum incorporated into the program, to prepare children for a successful transition to kindergarten. The centre operates Monday to Friday and there is some flexibility to have your child attend full days or half days, for 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

If you would like more information, a tour of the centre, or would like to register your child, please call TLCC at 778-297-8522.

We thank God for this ministry and for the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the children and families in our community.

Free ESL Classes

Free Weekly ESL classes at 9:30am on Sundays. If you live in or near Richmond, this is a great opportunity to improve your English while reading stories from the Bible. Invite your friends to these drop-in classes. Everyone is welcome to come. Click here to read more!

A Letter from God - Video

Go to Father's Love Letter and watch this 6 - 10 minute video. It is a selection of nearly 50 paraphrased Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation that describe God's love for us: who He is and what we mean to Him. Presented in the form of a love letter. Enjoy!

Listen to "Hallelujah"

November 12, 2010 — You may remember KD Lang's moving presentation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" during the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Well, in 2006 a young lady from Prince Edward Island adapted the lyrics to reflect the Easter Story and Jesus' journey to the cross. She recently received "mechanical rights" to the song so she could record it.

How We Got the Bible

Ever wonder about the history of the Bible? When was each section written? How many authors wrote and how many languages were the original texts written in? How many versions and translations are there? When did the Bible get reorganized into Chapters and Verses? How do we know if today's versions of the Bible are true and faithful to the original writings?

For answers to these questions and many more facts, watch the video series How We Got the Bible. Five online videos of approximately 6 to 10 minutes each.

To find videos, go to above link, select "View all 46 items", then "View Alphabetically" and scroll down to "How We Got The Bible" and click on "Watch Videos".

Online Bible Studies

A number of free, fascinating, online video Bible Study presentations have been produced by the Lutheran Hour Ministries on the Men's Network.

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Sunday Worship

NOTE: In-Person Worship Services have resumed. 
All may attend. 
Please wear masks and
upon arrival for COVID contact tracing.

Online services also at:

Worship in Mandarin
with Pastor Zhang
Sundays at 9:30am

Worship in English
with Pastor Harold
Sundays at 11:00am

Bible Classes  (more info)

Everyone Welcome!

PLEASE NOTE:  Classes below are offered as we gradually re-open during COVID-19. ESL Bible class & Thursday Parent & Toddlers Play Group will resume at a later date.

Sundays at 9:30am
  Sunday School
  Youth Bible Class (English)
  Adult Bible Class (English) 
Sundays – 11:15am
  Adult Bible Class (Mandarin)

Wednesdays – 10:00am
  Adult Bible Class (English)

Thursdays – 7:00pm
  Adult Bible Class (English)

Fridays at 10:00am 
  Bible Study (Mandarin)

Pastor Steven Harold
Senior Pastor

Pastor Wayne Zhang
Associate Pastor

Samantha Neeb
Youth Director

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Lutheran Church - Canada