Trinity's vision is to "know Christ and make Him known".  There are many opportunities to "know Christ" through Worship, Bible Classes and Sunday School.  There are also many opportunities to help "make Him known" through Fellowship Events, Community Events, Christian Hospitality, and as "Conversation Partners" in ESL Bible Classes. All are welcome to join in all activities and take part in Trinity's vision.

We have an awesome God who loves us unconditionally. What better way to honour Him then to worship Him, learn more about His love, give thanks for the gift of His precious Son who gave His life so we could inherit eternal life, and help others learn more about Him.

May God bless you today, and every day!

What We Believe

For a quick summary of our beliefs, check out 15 Key Elements of our Christian Faith found on "Our Beliefs" web page.

Christmas Services and Events

Trinity's Little Children
Christmas Program

Friday, December 21 - 10:00am

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Monday, December 24 - 7:00pm

Christmas Morning Service with Children's Christmas Program
Tuesday, December 25 - 11:00am

Christmas Day Lunch and Nibbles
Tuesday, December 25 - 12:30pm

Early New Year's Potluck Lunch
Sunday, December 30 - 12:30pm

Archived News
Introduction to Christianity Class

If you would like to know more about Christianity and its basic teachings, this class is for you.  This easy-to-follow class is an excellent overview and introduction to the Christian faith intended for both long-time members and especially for those who are new and simply curious about Christianity.  Everyone is welcome!  The lessons are designed for both English speakers and ESL students.  As each lesson builds upon the content of the previous lesson, attendance each week is required.  The 9 to 12 week long class will take place Sunday mornings at 9:30am beginning Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 9:30am.

Please contact the church office if you are interested so we can prepare a lesson booklet for you.

Resurrection Egg Hunt


A fun time for children up to 10 years of age.  Come and hear the Easter story, enjoy a snack, and hunt for eggs.  We start at 1:00pm so be on time.  Everyone is welcome.   Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 1:00pm.

Resurrection Egg Hunt Video

To see a video of this year's 2018 Resurrection Egg Hunt, please click here.

Creation Ministries


Get Answers!

Does God exist?  How can anyone believe in religion when science has neither a need nor a place for God?  Is evolution happening today?  If God is a God of love, why do we suffer and die?

Creation Ministries International is coming soon with answers to these important questions.  Come and hear Tom Tripp expose the bankruptcy of the evolutionary myth.  You'll be amazed to see how weak the scientific evidence for evolution is.

This is an issue that affects everyone.  Evolution teaches us there is no need for God, there is no spiritual realm, and there is no afterlife.  According to the theory, spirituality is just an evolutionary trick of the mind!

The Bible gives a very different picture about the nature of these things.  At this presentation, you will learn how the scientific evidence, when properly understood, confirms the details of the biblical account. At the same time, we will answer many of the Big Questions.

Find out more during Trinity Lutheran's 11am Worship Service on Sunday, January 28.

CMI Speaker Tom Tripp will present:
"Climbing the Creation-Evolution Ladder: Which Side is More Stable?"



It's all about Jesus

October 31, 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the start of the Reformation when Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses on the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. In the 95 Theses, Luther said the church at that time had strayed from the teachings of the Bible. The church was teaching that people had to earn their way into heaven, but the Bible actually teaches that because of God’s grace and the special love Jesus has for people, anyone who has faith in what Jesus has done for them will receive God’s forgiveness and live with God forever. It is impossible to earn our way to be right with God. Only through Jesus’ love and what He has done for us can we be made right with God. Luther’s gift was to help people understand the Bible and that our relationship with God is all about Jesus.

Reformation Celebration

This year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation begun by Martin Luther...  the 500th "birthday" of the Lutheran Church (and all Protestant Chuches). On Saturday, October 28 there will be a LARGE gathering of Lutherans at Trinity Lutheran Church in Abbotsford, BC.  This event includes a masive hymn sing, a worship service (Preacher: LCC President, the Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee), and a lavish banquet.   Our congregation has been given an allotment of 20 banquet tickets.  Ticket prices are $35 for adults, $10 children 6-12, free for children under 5.  Ticket will be for sale at Trinity-Richmond after 11am worship on Sundays Sept 17, 24 & Oct 1 until they are gone.  See poster below for more details.

Ministry Wives

"Ministry Wives" is a special program within Alberta and BC to support and encourage wives of pastors with the friendship of other Ministry Wives who understand the unique role Ministry Wives have in Parish Life and how it can affect family life.  On Sunday, March 26 during the AGM at 12:10pm, there will be a Hot Dog Fundraiser to help Ministry Wives hold retreats so they can build friendships.   Funds raised will be matched by FaithLife Financial.  Please come and enjoy a Hot Dog lunch and support this program.

Come and Learn

Come and learn about life in Cameroon!  Martin and Joan Weber, Lutheran Bible Translators, will be here on Sunday, March 12 to present their work learning the Kwanja language, creating a written Kwanja language, and then translating the New Testament into that language.  For over 25 years the Weber's have dedicated themselves to this work.   Enjoy a light lunch right after the morning worship service, then listen and see their experiences in Cameroon.   Everyone welcome!

Update from Nicaragua


January 26, 2017 -- Trinity members, Reg and Sean, are currently in Nicaragua helping at the Chinandega Lutheran Mission and at several churches in the area. Reg is training individuals to use computers, and Sean, along with a few co-workers from BC, are doing extensive upgrades of electrical wiring to make the electrical safe and meet modern standards.

Reg writes: "This week was spent on public and deaconess training. However, today, we opened up the room with the tools donated by Trinity members; a true blessing. Sorting and distribution will take a good part of next week. However, I can tell you that today shovels and picks are being used in the garden. Sean and crew will be using the electric drills next week. Thank you from your brothers and sisters in Nicaragua."

Isaac the Clown is Coming!

Isaac-the-Clown-(aka-Pastor-Harold)-AdjAt the 11am worship service on Sunday, February 14, 2016, Isaac the Clown (aka "Pastor Harold") will lead the entire service in a dramatic interpretation of the liturgy, from Invocation to Benediction.  Everyone is invited.  Bring your family and friends.

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Sunday Worship

Worship in English
with Pastor Harold
Sundays at 11:00am

Worship in Mandarin
with Pastor Zhang
Sundays at 3:00pm

Bible Classes  (more info)

Everyone Welcome!
NOTE: See Monthly Calendar to confirm classes for current week.

Sundays at 9:30am(English)
  Youth Bible Class
  Adult Bible Class 

  ESL Bible Class (info)
Sundays at 9:45am
   AM Sunday School (English)

Sundays at 1:00pm
   Bible Study (Mandarin)

Sundays at 3:00pm
   PM Sunday School (English)

Tuesdays – 7:00am to 8:00am
  Men's Breakfast & Bible Class

Tuesdays – 2:00pm
  Bible Study (Mandarin)

Wednesdays at 10:00am
  Women's Bible Class (English)

Wednesdays at 7:00pm
   Mid-Week Bible Class (English)
   (All Welcome!) 

Thursdays – 9:30am to 11:00am
  Parents & Toddlers Play Group
  (Playtime & Bible Story Time)
  For kids up to age 5! 

Saturdays at 2:00pm
  Bible Study (Mandarin)

Pastor Steven Harold
Senior Pastor

Pastor Wayne Zhang
Associate Pastor

A member congregation of
Lutheran Church - Canada