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Trinity has a library full of books and DVDs suitable for all age groups and reading levels. The library is now located next to the main entrance, across from the front office.  Please feel free to drop in any time the door is open, or ask the office to open the door for you.  Books and DVDs may be borrowed for up to a month at a time by signing them out with your email address or contact phone number.

A catalog of all the Library holdings is now online.  There are over 1500 titles.  Please take a look and browse through the catalog by clicking on the green bar below. 

Once inside the online library, you can browse by clicking on any category to see sub-categories and then click on subcategories to see individual titles.  Or, if you are looking for a specific subject or author, simply click on "SEARCH BOOKS" at the top of a page and enter a keyword into the "Search Keywords" box and press "Return" on your keyboard.  The search will return all titles where the keyword appears in the title, the author's name, the description of the book or DVD, or a review of the title.



 Click here to access the online Library! 


The online library is organized as follows.

Ministry & Discipleship:
Growing & Sharing
Youth Ministry
VBS Ministry
Sunday School Ministry
Nursery Ministry
Doctrinal Teachings
Worship Resources

Family Devotionals
Crafts & Activities

Grade 5-6
Grade 3-4
Grade 1-2
Nursery & Kindergarten

Devotionals (Youth)
General (Youth)
Biographies (Youth)
Fiction (Youth)

Devotionals (Adult)
General (Adult)
Biographies (Adult)
Fiction (Adult)
Crosswords & Bible Games (Adult)


Videos (Nursery & Kindergarten)
Videos (Children)
Videos (Youth)
Videos (Adult)