Online Bible Studies

A number of free, fascinating, online video Bible Study presentations have been produced by the Lutheran Hour Ministries on the Men's Network.

Each study engages and leads the viewer in entertaining but highly informative visual narratives with gifted speakers who provide background and historical insight to better understand the scriptures. Current studies include topics on Revelation, Challenge of Islam, How We Got the Bible, Baseball, Genesis, and The Real St Nick. (Yes! There actually is a Bible Study for Baseball enthusiasts!)

Some examples:

Have you ever struggled how to understand and read Revelation? Explaining All The Scary Stuff in Revelation will show you in just four lessons.

Or, would you like to know how the Muslim Qu'ran actually confirms and supports the writings of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible (the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospel) to its own detriment?  Then watch Part 2 of Challenge of Islam: Defending the Christian Faith.

To access the free online videos, go to the LHM Men's Network, and select "Studies & Resources" drop-down menu. You can also download free discussion guides to accompany each Bible Study.

Be prepared to be captivated by the content. This is good stuff!
Suitable for both men and women of all ages!