Famine Relief in Africa

20110820-Africa-Famine-MotherChild-loresMany thanks to all those who came to the fundraising breakfast on Sunday, September 4 or who donated in the offering plate.  The total amount raised was $1043. The first $500 was matched by FaithLife, then the entire amount is matched FaithLife_Logoby the Canadian Government.  In total, $3086 in aid is being sent to Africa. Thank you for your support during this time of need and helping bless those who are suffering in the Horn of Africa with Christ's love.

UPDATE: Sept 30, 2011 – CLWR reports that they received over $500,000 in donations for African Famine Relief that will be matched by the Canadian Government.  Although the deadline has passed for matching government grants, CLWR is still accepting donations as the need to help the hungry feed themselves and their families continues.