Congratulations, Shannon and Nicky!

Shannon & NickyJune 12, 2011 was Confirmation Day for two young ladies at Trinity.

After each one shared her personal statement of faith with family, friends and the rest of the congregation, we witnessed Shannon's and Nicky's passage...

... into Communicant Membership at Trinity through the Rite of Confirmation: a ceremony where Shannon and Nicky acknowledged the gifts God gave them in Baptism, namely new birth into God's family through water and the Holy Spirit and forgiveness of sins. Confirmation is a moment when Shannon and Nicky affirm their belief and faith in God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. During the ceremony, each received a special Confirmation Verse chosen specifically for her: Shannon's verse is Romans 1:16, Nicky's verse is Psalm 46:10. After the Rite of Confirmation, Shannon and Nicky received the Lord's Supper for the first time.

Congratulations, Shannon and Nicky!  May you be steadfast in your confession, remain true to God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), continue to hear the Word of God, and faithfully receive the Lord's Supper.


Shannon & Nicky with Pastor Harold and Vicar Zhang
Shannon & Nicky with Pastor Harold & Vicar Zhang


Shannon's Confirmation BannerNicky's Confirmation Banner
Shannon's and Nicky's Confirmation Banners


The Rite of Confirmation
The Rite of Confirmation


A View from the Rear of the Sanctuary
A View from the Rear of the Sanctuary


The Confirmation Cake
After the service, a beautiful and delicious cake was shared by all. Many thanks to Trinity's FaithLife Chapter for providing Fellowship Grant funds for the cake. Cake made by Maxim's Bakery.


Hooray! We made it! After a year of studying the Small Catechism and preparing for today we're confirmed! May we continue to be strengthened and grow in our faith through God's Word and the Lord's Supper.