Blog: Justification by Faith in Christ

May 13, 2011 – We have introduced a new item in the Main Menu in Traditional Chinese (Mandarin).  The translation is "Justification by Faith in Christ" and takes you to a blog...

...written by Rev Dr Michael Paul.  In 2002-2003, Rev Paul taught in the Lutheran Seminary in Taiwan, and, for six years previous to this, was a missionary in Macau, China. From 2003 to 2010, Rev Paul was a PhD student at Concordia Seminary in St, Louis, Missouri, receiving his doctorate in October 2010.  Dr Paul now is the Chinese Pastor at St Paul Lutheran Church in Evansville, Indiana.

The reason the link has been added to Trinity Lutheran's website is that Dr Paul's blog has a lot of information about our Lutheran teachings and materials written in Traditional Chinese, which should be of great benefit to Mandarin-speakers as there currently is little information available, online and in print, that accurately depict our Lutheran teachings in the Chinese languages. The blog also directs viewers to Lutheran resource books (catechisms, doctrinal teachings, theology, history) that have been written, or translated, into Chinese.

Audio of Dr Paul's sermons are also available through a link from the blog.

If you would like to read a rough English translation of Dr Paul's blog, please click here.
(Just as when automatic translations are done from English to Chinese, this translation is only about 60% accurate... but it gives you an idea of what is talked about on the blog.)