What to do with your "Old Laptop"?

Many of us are in the blessed position of getting to update or replace our old laptops or notebooks...

Many of these "old" computers are still functional and are being ‘stored’ for some sort of future use. Many people such as the school children in Nicaragua do not have access to any computers. Their families and the Lutheran Schools just can’t afford these luxuries. Attending school is compulsory, however parents must annually pay $125 to cover a required school uniform and part of the teacher salary and this is beyond the reach of many families. Well, you have an opportunity to gather these notebooks and laptops (plus power supplies) together and I’ll have them delivered to our Nicaraguan schools. We have other Church Schools that would love to set up their own mini-computer labs for their students. The intent is to format the hard drives and then load Ubuntu as an operating system. They will then be carried South in the Spring by volunteers doing Mission work in Nicaragua. Please pray for this Mission and also search out those old laptops and notebooks. For more information please contact me. Reg.