Weekly Sermon Devotionals

In preparation for each week's Sunday morning sermon, daily devotions are available below. A suggestion is to go to Next Sunday's Sermon to find the assigned scripture readings for next Sunday, then follow the daily devotional (about 5 to 10 minutes) each day.
May you grow in God's Word each day!

Note: Preparation of Weekly Devotions are on hold until further notice. In the meantime, prepare for Next Sunday's Sermon by reviewing the scripture readings.

Devotions for June 20-25, 2011 (Back to Basics)

Devotions for June 13-18, 2011 (The Mystery of the Trinity)

Devotions for June 6-11, 2011 (Beautiful Feet)

Devotions for May 30 to June 4, 2011 (Are You Suffering?)

Devotions for May 23-28, 2011 (Cracked Pots)

Devotions for May 16-21, 2011 (What A Way to Die)

Devotions for May 9-14, 2011 (The Lord Is My Shepherd... And That's Enough!)

Devotions for May 2-7, 2011 (Salvation Doesn't Come at a Discount!)

Devotions for April 25-30, 2011 (Sorry, no devotionals this week.)

Devotions for April 18-23, 2011 (I Will Always Remember That Walk - Theme for Easter Message)

Devotions for April 11-16, 2011 (Three Big Decisions)

Devotions for April 5-9, 2011 (Dem Bones, Dem Bones)

Devotions for March 28 to April 2, 2011 (I Was Blind, But Now I Can See!)

Devotions for March 21-26, 2011 (A Communication Problem)

Devotions for March 14-19, 2011 (God Is Love)

Devotions for March 7 to 12, 2011 (Has Anything Changed Since Adam and Eve?)

Devotions for February 28 to March 5, 2011 (It's Good To Be Here!)

Devotions for February 21 to 26, 2011 (Dying from Affluenza)

Devotions for February 14 to 19, 2011 (Which Book Are You Living By?)

Devotions for February 7 to 12, 2011 (What's Love Got To Do With It?)

Devotions for January 31 to February 4, 2011 (Salt and Light)