Quilts sent to Mauritania

January 25, 2011 — In May 2010, the Trinity Quilters once again participated in BC Baling Day, a special event to gather quilts, school supplies, baby kits, and so on, from Lutheran congregations all over British Columbia. These items are all sent to Abbotsford in May to be baled by volunteers and placed inside a shipping container. Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) identifies an area in need and ships the container there.

In 2010, the shipment went to Mauritania.  A report from CLWR with photos is below showing that the quilts and other items were distributed to almost 4500 people in need of aid. If you would like to know more about the Trinity Quilters, please click here.


Mauritania 2010

Distribution Report

January 25, 2011


From Abbotsford (BC) to Mauritania (photo courtesy of LWF Mauritania).

Greetings We Care Network, I am pleased to share with you today a distribution report on last year’s BC Baling Day shipment to the LWF program in Mauritania, confirming the positive impact of this partnership.

On May 18th, 2010, a shipment of commodities was prepared and loaded into a 20-foot container by the churches of BC’s lower mainland at the Mennonite Central Committee’s (MCC) facility in Abbotsford. The feat was accomplished by dozens of dedicated volunteers, some who have been involved in BC Baling Day for over a decade.

After many thousands of kilometers the shipment arrived in Nouakchott on July 7  in good order. As this was the third consecutive year LWF Mauritania had received such a shipment, a detailed plan was in place for it’s distribution, targeting vulnerable population groups affected by seasonal flooding. These included female headed households (prioritizing those with a large number of dependents), children and the elderly, and those facing discrimination due to a disability or affliction from HIV or AIDS. 2,039 women, 1,904 men and 527 children were supported through this shipment, making the total number of beneficiaries 4,470 persons!


By prepositioning the commodities for emergency relief the first response intervention time was greatly reduced, providing the necessary assistance in the shortest possible time. This preparedness also improved the capacities of regional partners. “The commodities have also allowed to these humanitarian partners to improve their skills in the operational management of emergencies, including rapid needs assessment, targeting of beneficiaries, and reporting.” -Mohamed Bal (Emergency Coordinator LWF/Mauritania).

Many thanks to all of those in BC who volunteered their time and energy and contributed to this shipment.  It was a real pleasure to work with you, and I am looking forward to seeing everybody again this spring.


Patrick Stewart
Donated Commodities Coordinator
Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR)
Winnipeg, Manitoba