Free ESL (English as a Second Language)

ESL classes are not currently running and will resume at a later date.

The following ESL classes are led by volunteers and are free of charge. All welcome!

Classes now run year round (we used to take a break during the Summer). 
Classes are every week (with exception of some holidays).


Read and Listen to Bible

During ESL classes we read passages from the Bible.  Each lesson contains a paraphrased account (for Beginning Learners) plus text from both the Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the Bible (for Intermediate Learners) and from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible (for Advanced Learners).  Students have asked for the ability to read and listen at home during the week to help improve their English and learn more about Jesus and God's Plan for us.

Here are some recommended resources online that can be used either on your computer or on a mobile device (smartphone, iPad).

To read the Bible, go to the following links: 

•  Read CEV text on a computer (Beginner & Intermediate Learners)
•  Read ESV text on a computer (Advanced Learners)
•  Read on your mobile device (download Bible.app)

To read and listen to the Bible, go to the following links from Faith by Hearing:

•  Listen using the CEV translation  
•  Read and listen using the ESV translation
    (Note: To hear the ESV translation, before pressing play button in gray bar below Chapter title,
    one must first press forward/backward buttons beside the Chapter title,
    or select a chapter from the table of contents icon to the left of the Chapter title.)

•  Read and listen on your mobile device (download Bible.IS.app)

To download MP3 audio files and listen to the Bible:

•  Download ZIP file of .MP3 audio for entire Bible (or just Old or New Testaments).
    (Choose from 650 languages.  For English: CEV and ESV can be chosen.)
    (For each language and version translation, approx 2GB to download complete Bible.)
    (Over 1150 audio files inside ZIP file of complete Bible: one MP3 file for each chapter of the Bible.),

To hear samples of audio files:

•  Joshua 4 (CEV) - Joshua leads Israel across the Jordan River

•  Mark 3 (CEV) - Jesus Heals Many on the Sabbath


Recommended to ESL Students:  Download the "1995 Contemporary English Audio Drama Complete" audio files (2GB) and while listening, read the CEV text on computer, mobile device, or read-a-long with a hardcopy of the CEV Bible.

It can take over 1 hour to download the 2GB ZIP file.  If you bring a 4GB (or larger) USB drive to the class, during the week we can put the CEV audio files on it and save you the download time.





 Sunday Worship
NOTE: In-Person Worship Services have resumed. 
All may attend. 
Masks are optional but please respect the space of others.

Worship in Mandarin
with Pastor Zhang
Sundays at 9:30am

Worship in English
with Pastor Harold
Sundays at 11:00am

Bible Classes  (more info)

Everyone Welcome!

PLEASE NOTE:  Classes below are offered as we gradually re-open during COVID-19. ESL Bible class & Thursday Parent & Toddlers Play Group will resume at a later date.
Most classes operate September to June.

Sundays at 9:30am
  Sunday School
  Youth Bible Class (English)
  Adult Bible Class (English) 
Sundays – 11:15am
  Adult Bible Class (Mandarin)

Wednesdays – 10:00am
  Adult Bible Class (English)

Thursdays – 7:00pm
  Adult Bible Class (English)

Fridays at 2:20pm 
  Bible Study (Mandarin)

Pastor Steven Harold
Senior Pastor

Pastor Wayne Zhang
Associate Pastor

Samantha Neeb
Youth Director

A member congregation of
Lutheran Church - Canada